A live AMA was held in the Telegram with Hamstertoshi. This is what happened:

Q: You mention suicide pools. What do you mean with this?
A: What we are hoping to do is provide unique LP pairs. This will work in a few ways; it will reward our farmers with bonus rewards, it will also serve to bring in new funds for buying back tokens through 1. Deposit fees that will be slightly higher on the suicide pools 2. Outreach programme to other projects. These projects will pay for farm listing on Hamster, with the majority of the fee received used…

Hamster finance is pleased to announce our Roadmap detailing the longer term view for the project. Today we have launched our platform with farming live.

It has been a huge hit so far with over USD 760k TVL before launch. What an achievement and a big thank you to our community that have supported us so far.

To make us stand out from all the other “egg forks” and yield farms on BSC, we have a roadmap that provides an insight into what we are trying to achieve. This is split out into three phases:

Phase 1

Hi, everyone

Welcome to the next generation yield farm and AMM on BSC. We’re here to introduce you to our brand new Defi project Hamster Finance.

We have token Presale, so everyone can prepare before platform launch:


funds from presale

80% will be used to provide liquidity.

20% — Team Share, Marketing, Promotion and Project Development

All not sold tokens will be burned.

Website: https://hamsterdefi.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hamsterdefi

Telegram: https://t.me/HamsterSwapChat

Telegram ANN: https://t.me/HamsterSwap

Medium: https://hamsterfinance.medium.com/

The farming will start at block #5277844, about 48 hours later. Countdown: https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/5277844

In next 24 hours:

Timelock will be added to the MasterChef contract.

Will be added more pools.

Please meet HamsterSwap — yield leveraging & AMM Dex protocol on Binance Smart Chain

We are happy to announce a new project on Binance Smart Chain — HamsterSwap Finance (HMSTR) forked from Goose Finance with equivalent tokenomics and rare-to-find security level. HamsterSwap’s contract has removed migrator code which makes rug pulling impossible. Timelock is set to 30-hours to ensure absolute safety of community’s funds.

For increased profits and other bonuses HasterSwap will introduce Loyalty NFT’s in upcoming updates.

Buyback and coin burn mechanisms will regulate demand and supply of Hamster token (HMSTR). Deposit fees and 10% of collected fees from Exchange will be used for that.

We are aiming to create the best product in DeFi ecosystem. Stay tuned!

Hamster Finance


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