Hamster Finance Roadmap

Hamster finance is pleased to announce our Roadmap detailing the longer term view for the project. Today we have launched our platform with farming live.

It has been a huge hit so far with over USD 760k TVL before launch. What an achievement and a big thank you to our community that have supported us so far.

To make us stand out from all the other “egg forks” and yield farms on BSC, we have a roadmap that provides an insight into what we are trying to achieve. This is split out into three phases:

Phase 1

  • Launch of platform
  • Addition of new “unique” farms to platform, including suicide farms with bonus rewards, to be voted by the community. To be added periodically to ensure constant rewards for farmers.
  • Lottery and burning mechanism
  • Token burning contract
  • Revamp of the User Interface

Phase 2

  • AMM exchange
  • NFT marketplace
  • Vaults

Phase 3

  • Lending system
  • Orderbook DEX
  • Finally, a full Smart Contract audit.

This is our provisional roadmap and where our ambition is leading us the details may change from time to time, but this is where we want to go.

Thanks again to all our fantastic community and the hard work the team have put in so far!